Music and Storytelling

I offer music and storytelling performances for people of all ages, with songs in a variety of languages and stories in English and Spanish. 

Performances for children and families include:

  • Cuentos y Cantos, Stories and songs in Spanish and English
  • I Dream of Trees: Stories and songs about trees
  • Creative Creatures: Stories and songs about animals
  • Water Tales, Water Songs: Stories and songs about water
  • Yoga, Music, and Movement: Songs, rhymes and playful movement to introduce young children to yoga
  • Yoga Tales:  Folk tales and histories from the origins of yoga in India, to help children learn and appreciate the asanas, the physical practices of yoga

“With an engaging style Clare involves her audiences in interesting and exciting ways.  She is a seasoned performer who brings a strong message of acceptance and appreciation of cultural diversity.”

Nancy Meltzhoff, Lane Arts Council










I also offer music and stories for adults, in benefit performances, house concerts, and cafes; and for people who are grieving, in memorial services and support groups.

In March 2018 I completed Islands of Possible Things,  a new album of singer/songwriter folk music for adults!   Who knows if anyone listens to CDs anymore?  Yet I’ve just made one, and I hope you might like it…  You can visit the Recordings page of this website to listen to clips, order CDs, or to download Mp3s of the songs.