Music and Storytelling

I offer music and storytelling performances for people of all ages, with songs in a variety of languages and stories in English and Spanish. 

“With an engaging style Clare involves her audiences in interesting and exciting ways.  She is a seasoned performer who brings a strong message of acceptance and appreciation of cultural diversity.”

Nancy Meltzhoff, Lane Arts Council
















I also offer music and stories for adults, in benefit performances, house concerts, and cafes; and for people who are grieving, in memorial services and support groups.

In March 2018 I completed Islands of Possible Things,  an album of singer/songwriter music for adults…  Who knows if anyone listens to CDs anymore?  Yet I made this one, my fifth, and it was a satisfying thing to do.  You can find Islands of Possible Things various places online (Apple Music, Spotify, etc.).  Or you can contact me if you would like to purchase a real live disc, and I will send one to you.