Yoga & Dance



If you can walk, you can dance
If you can talk, you can sing

Proverb from Zimbabwe


Yoga and Dance sessions are fun, easy, and friendly, carried along by beautiful and varied music from around the planet.  They provide a satisfying and well-rounded combination of relaxation, stretching, and aerobic activity, as well as opportunities to connect with yourself and with others.

Sessions for adults begin with breath meditation and a few long-held yoga forms, followed by slow moving yoga sequences; sessions for children and families begin with yoga songs and games.  This gently leads into improvisational movement and then increasingly active dance games and free-form dance, before winding down again into slow stretches and guided relaxation.

In Yoga and Dance sessions the emphasis is on connecting with an inner sense of movement and rhythm, and developing a sense of connection among the dancers.  There are no dance steps to learn, and no experience is needed.  60- and 90-minute sessions for adults are easily adapted for people of different ages and abilities, and work well for retreats, workshops, and a variety of other contexts; sessions for children and families are 45 minutes.